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Take your place at the centre of a new economy

Placeity is a team of collaborators who have joined forces to provide a comprehensive digital solution for places, with a direct benefit to the community and businesses, as well as the wider economy.

The team boasts the collective industry experience to develop a plan that towns need right now as we enter the latter phases of the Covid-19 pandemic, and going forwards into an uncertain economic future.

Placeity has a proven record in assisting places, both towns and cities, to rapidly develop a robust and innovative on-line and digital presence that focuses on the place and brings better engagement, increased High Street sales and greater visitor numbers.

We help you to put your place at the centre of a new economy.

We are a team of experienced industry collaborators, including place managers, website developers, graphic designers, video production producers, motion graphic developers, copywriters, social media specialists, e-commerce retailers, SEO specialists, social media influencers, PR experts, High Street retailers, industry experts and more.

Our team works together, drawing on the exact balance of experience for each project, to ensure a robust and innovative digital solution for each place and its local economy.


How it Works.

Place website for your town or city

Point the A Record for your domain to us. We can launch your place website within a few days.

Web Design with full e-commerce

Deploy an e-commerce platform to suit your business, to integrate with multiple sales channels.

Video Production & motion graphics

Quality motion graphics of a TV broadcast standard will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Online Sales Generator

We build a solution that will guarantee to generate sales from multiple channels.

Explore a sample showreel of our video production work.


Our team.

We understand your requirements and provide quality solutions.

Place Manager



Video Production Cameraman

Graphics and Video



Tony Project Management

Social Media


Journalist, Copywriter, Blogger


Places launched


Satisfied Clients


Positive Feedbacks


Client sales generated


Our Products and Services

You know your Place. We let you customise Placeity however you wish:

Placeity website

A Placeity website is set up for you to customise to help drive your local economy. It is a focus for news and your community. We provide the help to add additional plugin features to your site and customise to your place.



Placeity collaborators can set up individual local businesses with their own trading website. We use internationally robust platforms. We take NO sales commission. Once set up, local businesses take control of their online shop and get paid direct by their customers.

Collaborators are on hand to help if needed.


Multiple Sales Channels

Placeity integrates local business trading websites directly with your Place website and main social media channels.

All integrate with their ONE Shopping Basket and Payment Provider direct with the local business owner.


Search Engine ready

The source code used in Placeity is structured in a way that Google understands and appreciates, thus helping your site rank. It’s also compatible with your favourite SEO plugins.

Listing local businesses on a Placeity powered website will generate new sales and customers for them. You can charge for this or provide it free.


Video and Graphics

We can provide broadcast quality video production, motion graphics and editing services to showcase your Place or an individual business.

Cities, towns and villages need to showcase their best assets to encourage local people to use them, whether it’s the local grocery store or any other high street retailer.


Written Content

We work with a copywriter and an award-winning journalist and blogger to ensure the written content of your website is professional and relevant. We can assist in writing news content for your Placeity website and show businesses the importance of updating content for SEO.

You can provide us with the information and we can turn it into an engaging communication channel direct to your community.



We know about Places and provide proven solutions that work.

You can set up and go for a monthly cost to suit your needs. No annual contracts.

Monthly costs below are to cover third party fees for Server management; website hosting; Professional Plugins; Data backup; Ongoing software updates; SSL certifications and more. We pay for these annually in advance, so you can sign up monthly with no annual financial commitment.

After set up and customisation, our collaborators can assist the content population of your Place website if you need it.
There are additional fees for this.
Small Place


Per Mth

  • Set Up from £500
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Secure Platform
  • CDN Fast & Reliable
  • Search Engine Ready
  • Local News
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Directory up to 400
  • Up to 400 Pages
  • Monthly Data Backup
  • Pro Main Plugins
  • Basic Jobs Platform
Mid sized Place


Per Mth

  • Set Up from £750
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Secure Platform
  • CDN Fast & Reliable
  • Search Engine Ready
  • Local News
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Directory up to 600
  • Up to 600 Pages
  • Weekly Data Backup
  • Pro Version Plugins
  • Pro Jobs Platform
  • Digital High Street
  • Integrate MailChimp
  • Media Kit Lite
  • 3 User Login
Big Place


Per Mth

  • Set Up from £1,250
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Secure Platform
  • CDN Fast & Reliable
  • Search Engine Ready
  • Local News
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Directory Unlimited
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Pro Version Plugins
  • Pro Jobs Platform
  • Digital High Street
  • Integrate MailChimp
  • Full Media Kit
  • 5 User Login
  • Digital Projection
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Populate Directory
  • Add booking engines

Our Work.

Websites powered by Placeity

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For more location based websites powered by Placeity, visit 



E-Commerce Websites

Get your business trading online quickly with multiple sales channels

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Our customers are our fans. This is what they have to say about us.
Wendy Ross

The Placeity solution has transformed the businesses in our town. The help, advice and delivery have proved to be a vital lifeline of digital support for local businesses during COVID-19 lockdown.

Wendy Ross

Milngavie business improvement district(BID) Board member and local business owner


Why Select Us?

We know what makes Places work and we know how to sell online.

A Placeity website for your town will make it easy for people to find what they need locally. The online trading websites make it easy for them to buy locally.

and Passionate

Our team of collaborators have set up Placeity because we passionately believe in the concept. We believe the High Street and local businesses are part of our future.

You own
Your Data

You retain ownership of the content you create and publish on your Placeity powered website. We do not use, harvest or sell data – ever.


We have over 100 years collective experience  in our respective fields of expertise, based on a lifetime of work. We are committed to using this to help.


We have set up Placeity to be activated in any location quickly. You can immediately focus on generating content for your town to help the local economy and community.

Long term
Back up

As efforts are made generating content for your Place, it is important to continually back up your digital investment into your town. At Placeity, we do that for you



We understand places, high streets and can provide proven solutions for your Place, Community and Businesses.
Your Place Website
Launch of Placeity
Placeity provide a comprehensive digital solution for places, communities and businesses

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About us

We are collaborators from all disciplines.

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